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Caleb Bruski


1993, Atlanta GA, Lives and works in Oradea.


Education & Experience

Bachelors in Art from Luther Rice University (2017)

College has taught me two main skills. The first was critical thinking and how to reason on my own. The second skill was how to write clear and articulate articles.

Photography and videography | 2014 - 2016

From 2014 till 2016, I did some freelance photography with my brother-in-law. I learned how to capture and edit photos and video.

On-site Work with bison Media (2016)

I have built many websites over the years and am competent at coding in most front-end languages. I also produce content for these and many other sites. Articles, blogposts, videos, photography, landing pages, and emails are all some of the things i have created for websites.